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Azik by Reyniki Azik by Reyniki
Azik: "Come on, why do you hate me so much?"
Arias: "Stop talking to me."
Azik: "And if I don't?"
Arias: -points a gun at Azik's head-
Azik: "... Point made."


Kay, I've held off on designing this dude for a long time and after seeing that you guys want to see more of my characters, I thought I would try designing him again XD Old watchers of mine would probably recognize him. He's one of my older characters that I struggled to put on paper, but now I've finally found a suitable design for him! //flails


Random Info:
Azik is the second youngest son of Death. He's a very nosy dude and loves to play "tricks" on others. And by "tricks", I mean people usually end up getting hurt in the end. He's very cunning and manipulative. In addition, he doesn't know what "no" means and can be seen as a huge jerk. Azik loves to flirt and sees love as a game. He's a huge womanizer and sees no wrong in his actions. He's also a bit narcissistic and he hates losing.

However, when it comes to Azik's mom (not his real mom, just someone that cares for him a lot), he's a completely different person. He's sweet, cheery and an overall great son. He never tells her about all the horrible things he's done and lies to her constantly, but it's only to keep her happy. She's one of the reasons that he's working on changing his lifestyle and personality.

Art and character (c) me

NightshadeVII Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*leans over table.*
*Falls off table from leaning too far*
Sadly, I'm not on older watcher of your's but I really love this design, the facial markings and the horns are just gorgeous and everything plays really well together! ^w^
definitely looking forward to seeing more of this guy!
KirasDarkLight Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Honestly love this rework, you can really feel the devil in him. XD
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